Away from the noise.

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My head is spinning…  very trying and emotional.

Feels like a warring internally.

Want to stay in His present, yet everything around me is

Going crazy!

Want to react! Lash out! (Flesh out!)


I know the Holy Spirit in me will not approve… can NOT APPROVE!

Feel am losing everything… yet, know enough to know it’s for my own good.

It’s just way too painful and hurts so!

…this process needs to move fast.

To forgive. To heal. To become whole. 

Long to be strong again, and put my hands to the plough!

Kingdom work, food for the soul… less I be consumed.

Yet, I am concerned that even then I may not be ready, may not be “good” enough.

Be still (says the whisper)

Trying hard to be is my answer.

But instead, feel like two different people warring in this body… this mind.

I cry, Lord!

Explicit direction!

Clarity of mind!

It is so noisy in my head, can’t hear my heart … or just afraid to?

Be still (says the whisper) 


Being the woman…

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So many ways I have seen you,
So many ways I have hoped to understand you,
So many ways I have longed to end your worries.
You’re holding on to many things…
So much pain, So much hurt, so little joy.
‘ your bleeding heart can mend’
But you have to let go of all that weighs you down
and be lifted up.
Being fragile in a world of no real love pre-empts decisions
That gives rise to mistakes.
So let it go and be lifted up!


RusticFreshness@ArtisticLicence Art Gallery (AL)

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Rustic Freshness [Artist Statement]

Toyin Omolowo]

 Is a contemporary life style art exhibition that does not represent a subject external to itself. It isn’t a picture of something. It is rather, an expression of elements of design; colour, balance, rhythm, harmony, texture, composition etc. suitable for modern day interior.
The technical materials displayed would have served the viewers in another purpose, but the aesthetics value should be considered as a form of visual expression that has the potential of holding the beacon for artistic vibrancy. The works should be seen as a subconscious experience demonstrated in exemplary experiments which are to be interpreted, not only as art, but as an invariable within human existence.
I wish you a happy, exciting and fulfilling viewing.


 Alimi Adewale
Rustic Freshness [Artist Statement] 

Minimalist art is characterized by its simplicity in both form and content, where personal expression is removed in order to achieve this. The intention of minimalist artists is to allow the audience to view a composition more intensely because the distractions of theme etc. have been removed. Aesthetically, Minimal art offers a highly purified form of beauty. It can also be seen as representing such qualities as truth (because it does not pretend to be anything other than what it is), order, simplicity, harmony. 

Rustic Freshness a group exhibition was the first in a series of body of work conceptually based on the metaphysical aspects of “Less is More”. I attempted to explore different associations with the elements pertaining to impact of sublime colours on the mind and space. After years of painting and experimenting with various style I have recently stepped into that nether world, where visual reality starts to recede and some “other” inner reality begins to make itself known. For me, at this threshold level, I have realized the strength and ambience of minimal colours in its purest form. 

It is a great pleasure to be featured in Artistic License an innovative art gallery that is ahead of the curve and championing the works of contemporary artists in Nigeria. Artistic License explores and records the fluid transformations of artistic practices as they are shaped by social forces. This Contemporary Art Gallery fosters conversation, connection and new understandings of collective meanings and values.  

Please do enjoy these works and I know they will leave a lasting impression on your mind. 

Kind regards

Alimi Adewale


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